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5.0.977 GPL-3.0-or-later

Enables translation teams to edit Scripture on any device

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Bibledit is Reading application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license.

Bibledit: Now translation teams can edit Scripture on any device!

Here’s a quick list of capabilities that Bibledit provides for Bible translation teams today:

  • Bibledit has much of the same functionality of Paratext, but it works on any smart device — including all types of computers and tablets and phones.
  • A translation team can work with Bibledit via the Internet without installing anything. We call this the Cloud version. But for most translation team members, it will be better to install Bibledit locally. This is called the Client version. The Client version saves editing changes made by each team member to his/her device, and when they have an connection, their work will automatically be saved to the Cloud.
  • Many excellent and scholarly translation resources available in Bibledit. And one can view translation resources while editing a translation on the same screen.
  • Bibledit can port changes in a Bible text over to a local instance of Paratext. I think many translation team leaders will want to do this. But the opposite is also possible: Bibledit can receive Bible texts from Paratext.
  • Bibledit has many powerful export options. These include creating web-ready HTML files, beautifully formatted OpenOffice files (which then can easily be turned into PDF files), and Sword modules for Bible-reading applications on all smart devices.

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