Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) - OpenAPK

What is OpenAPK?

OpenAPK is your reliable platform for accessing a wide variety of open-source and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Android applications. Our mission is to promote the open-source movement by providing safe, secure, and user-friendly Android apps that uphold the principles of transparency, privacy, and freedom in the realm of software. Read more about us here.

Are the apps on OpenAPK safe to download?

Absolutely! We prioritize your safety, which is why all the apps available for download on OpenAPK go through rigorous quality checks and are verified for safety. We're committed to providing a secure environment that respects user privacy.

How much do the apps on OpenAPK cost?

As part of our commitment to the open-source movement, all the Android apps available on OpenAPK are free to download and use. This commitment to FOSS means you can download, modify, and share the apps without any cost.

Can developers upload their open-source apps on OpenAPK?

Yes! We welcome developers who share our vision and would like to distribute their open-source Android apps. With OpenAPK, your app gets access to a community that values FOSS principles.

How often is the app collection on OpenAPK updated?

At OpenAPK, we strive to provide the latest open-source Android apps for our users. Our dedicated team regularly updates our app collections to ensure you have access to the latest versions of apps and new releases.

How can I request a particular Open Source App on OpenAPK

We'd love to hear about any open-source apps that you would like to see on our platform. Kindly reach out to us with your suggestions, and we'll do our best to make your preferred apps available on OpenAPK.

Your freedom, privacy, and satisfaction are our topmost priority. For any further queries, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to contact us.