About us

Welcome to the exciting world of OpenAPK, a cutting-edge platform specializing in the distribution of open-source and Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) Android applications. At OpenAPK, we're passionate about the transformative power of open-source technology and are dedicated to harnessing it to drive the future of Android applications.

OpenAPK was born from a desire to open up the world of mobile applications, making software freely accessible and user-friendly. We are firm believers in the open-source movement where innovation and transparency form the foundation of developing quality software. Our mission is to serve as a gateway for users to explore and leverage the essence of open-source, helping them unlock unparalleled value in the process.

Our platform boasts a diverse array of applications, all put through rigorous testing processes to ensure they are of high quality, safe to install, and, most importantly, respect your freedom and privacy. Each app on our platform has been crafted by talented developers who believe in the power and potential unleashed by open-source principles.

This dedication to open-source extends beyond our platform. We are known for our active role within the FOSS community - championing transparency, collaboration, and non-proprietary software. We are committed to participating in building a healthier, privacy-focused, and user-centric app ecosystem.

At OpenAPK, your autonomy and privacy matter. That's why all apps that we list are FOSS. They're not just open—they're yours. Develop or modify them to your heart's content. The control is, and always will be, in your hands.

Stride boldly into the open-source revolution with us at OpenAPK, the truly open Android app store. We're not just distributing apps; we're distributing the future of fair, free, and open software. So, dive in—because the power to shape mobile application technology is just a click away!

Legal Information

The OpenAPK website located at: https://www.openapk.net is owned and operated by Mobile Network OOD DZZD, a limited liability company established in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The company was founded by George Dimoff and Veselin Nedev in 2008. Our tax identification number / VAT ID is BG126747715 and our legal address is blv. Bulgaria 150, vhod Zapad, office 222, Haskovo, 6300, Bulgaria. You can contact us at [email protected] or call us at +359888264294.