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1.101.0 MIT

This is a client app for the self-hostable Immich Server

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1.101.0 (131)
Alex Tran
System, Multimedia
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Immich app

Immich is System tool that is open source under the MIT license. This is a client app for the self-hostable Immich Server (which can be found with the app's source repo). You will need to run/manage the server on your own in order to use the app.

Once set up, this app can be used as photo and video backup solution directly from your mobile phone.


* Upload and view assets(videos/images).
* Multi-user supported.
* Quick navigation with drag scroll bar.
* Auto Backup.
* Support HEIC/HEIF Backup.
* Extract and display EXIF info.
* Real-time render from multi-device upload event.
* Image Tagging/Classification based on ImageNet dataset
* Object detection based on COCO SSD.
* Search assets based on tags and exif data (lens, make, model, orientation)
* Upload assets from your local computer/server using immich cli tools
* Reverse geocoding from image exif data
* Show asset's location information on map (OpenStreetMap).
* Show curated places on the search page
* Show curated objects on the search page

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