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4.3.5 GPL-3.0-or-later

An open-source alternative to Google Play Store with privacy and modern design

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Rahul Kumar Patel
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Aurora Store is System tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Aurora Store is an open-source alternative Google Play Store frontend client with privacy and modern design in mind.
Not only does Aurora Store download, update, and search for apps like the Play Store, it also empowers the user with useful features.


• Anonymous login: Login anonymously so that you stay private.
• Google login: Access your paid apps and install beta apps.
• Device spoofing: App not available for your device? Use available device configurations to spoof you device!
• Filter F-Droid app: Don't want F-Droid apps to be in your update list? Use the filter to exclude them.
• Blacklist apps: By blacklisting apps, Google will not know that the selected apps are installed on your device.

The Aurora Store is an alternative to the Google Play Store that allows you to download apps. This open-source app is quite popular for its privacy-friendly features.

One key feature of the Aurora Store is that it allows users to download apps without needing Google Play Services. It also provides an anonymized way to access the Play Store, enhancing user privacy.

Aurora offers a clean and modern user interface, which many users appreciate. The app categories and search functionalities make it easy to find and download the desired apps. Moreover, it can also update apps installed through other means, not just those downloaded from Aurora Store.

It's worth noting, however, as with all third-party app stores, there's a risk involved as apps haven’t undergone the same level of screening as those on official platforms like Google Play. Always prioritize ensuring that any apps you use or download are safe and secure.

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