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Catima — Loyalty Card Wallet for Android

2.29.1 GPL-3.0-or-later

For your barcodes, memberships, loyalty programs, coupons and tickets.

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2.29.1 (135)
Sylvia van Os
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Catima is Money application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Stop the search for plastic reward cards during store or webshop checkout. Scan barcodes to your device using its camera, forget about cards. Forget your wallet, or keep it ultralight for valuables. With this essential everyday carry (EDC) tool you can replace useless plastic with cash. - Avoid spying with very few permissions. No Internet access and no ads. - Add cards or codes with names and customizable colours. - Manual code entry if there is no barcode to store, or it can't be used. - Import cards and codes from files, Catima, FidMe, Loyalty Card Keychain, Stocard and Voucher Vault. - Make a backup of all your cards and transfer them to a new device if you want. - Share coupons, exclusive offers, promo codes, or cards and codes using any app. - Dark theme and accessibility options for vision impaired users. - Made for everyone by the libre software community. - Localized hand-made translations for 20+ languages. - Gratis, supported by community contributions. - Use, study, change and share it as you wish; with all. - Not only Free Software / Open Source. Copylefted libre software (GPLv3+) card management. Simplify your life and shopping, and never lose a paper receipt, in-store payment gift card or airplane ticket again. Take all your rewards and bonuses with you, and save as you go.

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