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Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open Source

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Michael Totschnig
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My Expenses is Money application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. My Expenses keeps track of your expenses and your income, directly on your smartphone and on your tablet. - Up to five accounts with transfers (also between different currencies) - Unlimited number of templates and up to three plans for recurring transactions - Export to QIF and CSV. Import from QIF - Data can be protected by password or device lock screen - Theme (dark and light) and font size can be customized - Reconciliation: Easily compare transaction status with your bank statements - Homescreen widget and shortcuts for quick data entry Premium features are unlocked by purchase of one of the following licence keys: Contrib Key - No ads - Unlimited number of accounts - Unlimited number of plans for recurring transactions - Pie chart: Visualize the statistical distribution of transactions per category over different periods (years, months, weeks, days) - Split transaction: A single transaction can be split into multiple parts (categories and transfers) - Print the transaction list to a PDF file - Image attachment: Capture via camera or select from gallery Extended Key - All features of Contrib Key - Cloud synchronization: Data can be synced between multiple devices (Webdav, Dropbox) - Daily automated backup with optional upload to cloud storage - Sophisticated, customizable CSV import (spreadsheet applications) Professional Key - All features of Extended Key - Budgeting: Compare your spending to limits you set per category on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. - History chart (Cash flow) - Scan receipts: Automatically extract amount, date and payee - Web User Interface - Unlimited number of templates and plans for split transactions - Email support with guaranteed response within 2 business days - Voting right on development roadmap My Expenses requires the following permissions: - Calendar: Plans for future and recurrent transactions are stored either in a special local calendar or in any other calendar you assign. - Internet: Licence key validation, Cloud synchronization. - Accounts: Synchronization across devices via cloud services.

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