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Currencies: Exchange Rate Calculator for Android

1.22.2 GPL-3.0-or-later

An exchange rates currency converter for Android

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1.22.2 (12011)
Maximilian Salomon
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Currencies app

Currencies is Money application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Currencies is a simple and straightforward currency converter.It is not intended to be used for realtime financial business, rather to be a handy companion e.g. on vacations.

- The app supports all relevant currencies. You can choose between several exchange rate providers:
- with over 160 currencies
- with over 30 currencies, provided by the European Central Bank
- as an alternative to with the same currencies
- InforEuro provides the European Commission’s official monthly accounting rates for the euro and over 150 corresponding conversion rates
- The UI is simple and pure Material 3 Design.
- Exchange rate history: Check out the chart for the past year, to see how the currencies have developed.
- Historical rates: You can use rates from prior dates.
- A major feature is the included calculator. Useful e.g. if you want to split up a restaurant bill.
- Fee calculator: optionally add a customizable foreign exchange fee to all calculations.
- Currencies is written for Android in Kotlin, targeting Android 13 and supporting light and dark themes.
- The app is ad-free and doesn't spy on the user.

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