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A modern media gallery, with features like backup/sync, semantic search, media map, face recognition, memories and much more

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UhuruPhotos is Multimedia tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. UhuruPhotos. A modern media gallery, with features like backup/sync, semantic search, media map, face recognition, memories and much more*

It is built using the latest Android technologies, like Jetpack Compose, SQLDelight, Coroutines etc using an MVI architecture.

Own your memories. UhuruPhotos and LibrePhotos are both non commercial, open source projects. No user tracking, data training or advertising ever.

(* advanced features require a LibrePhotos server)
UhuruPhotos is a robust Android app, offering an advanced media gallery with various features such as backup/sync, semantic search, media map, face recognition, and memories. The app provides a photo feed with multiple views that can be easily adjusted using pinch-to-zoom gestures. It also allows for multiple item selection in feed for sharing or deletion.

The app keeps your photos synchronized with the LibrePhotos server periodically in the background. It displays detailed photo information including date, location, GPS map, people view, and options for sharing, adding to, or removing from favourites. These features are also available for video playback in the video details view.

UhuruPhotos stands out with its search function powered by LibrePhotos engine, offering search suggestions based on your photos. The app provides a people view and suggests people with the most photos. User can also explore the photo map feature, displaying a heatmap of your photos and allowing interactive navigation around the globe.

The app supports user-created and auto-generated albums from LibrePhotos, and is equipped with dark/light modes (manual and auto). It also supports local photo storage, making it a viable Google Photos alternative. The app is compatible with tablets, and provides numerous settings to control storage and memory requirements, and synchronization frequency with the LibrePhotos server.

A key feature of UhuruPhotos is its ability to backup/sync local images with the LibrePhotos server, ensuring you never have to worry about photo backups. It also offers basic photo editing capabilities and support for foldable devices. Overall, UhuruPhotos is a comprehensive media gallery app, offering user-friendly and advanced features for managing and viewing your photos and videos.

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