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1.25.0(39) Apache-2.0

An unofficial gallery and content provider for your PhotoPrism library

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1.25.0(39) (39)
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PhotoPrism Gallery app

PhotoPrism Gallery is Graphics tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. The official PhotoPrism PWA, despite being mobile-friendly, can't be integrated into the OS and has other drawbacks. This app does not (and probably will not) support all the web-client features, but nevertheless it can:
- Provide the library content to other Android apps – you can select PhotoPrism Gallery among other galleries when picking a photo or video
- Open the library content in suitable apps – you can use your favorite image editor or video player instead of web viewer

There are more handy features in the gallery:
- Chronological grouping – the content is grouped by days
- Chronological fast scroll – slide the scroll bar to quickly jump to a specific month
- Search by media types and custom queries
- Search bookmarks – the search configuration can be bookmarked and applied later with a click
- Endless session – no need to re-enter password
- Connection to both private and public libraries
- Support of mTLS (mutual TLS) and HTTP basic authentication

The gallery is confirmed to work with PhotoPrism versions from May 2, 2023 down to October 9, 2021

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