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1.42 GPL-3.0-only

media gallery and comic reader to handle huge device and online collections

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PhotoChiotte is Multimedia tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. - browse and display media at the same time
- instant jump to any media even in huge collections (graphical representation of your directory structure)
- seamless dislay of your apache/nginx online media server
- animated wallpaper/lockscreen with your own picture selection
- comic reading mode (keep zoom and start top left)
- split screen to compare pictures, draw, play videos or minigames, read comics... all at the same time
- integrated multiple video player (mpv, optional)
- display pictures directly from inside archives
- draw, on top of pictures, cut/edit/comment them, and with stylus support
- seamlessly browse forum pictures bypassing ads and crap
- minigames using your pictures (puzzle, swap tiles, tilt device, ...)
- slideshow mode
- zapping mode
- automatic background music player
- root screenshot and screenrecord commands
- howto and online readme buttons (direct link to the gitlab website) for issues/suggestions
- minimal power consumption (no useless redraws)
- AndroidTV support

Libraries :
- mpv : embedded video player, filmstrips & thumbnails
- tor : discover service (will be released in v2)

Permissions :
- Internet : access your online server, browse forum pictures, tor discover service
- Android 10- : write external storage : only used to copy/move/delete your selections
- Android 11+ : manage external storage : only used to copy/move/delete your selections
- Boot : on AndroidTV the music player will restart if running when shut down

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