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5.0.1 Apache-2.0

system management tool with functions for privacy and system optimization

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Thanox is System tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

Thanox is a system management tool that provides convenient features for system privacy and system optimization. It includes application permission management, background launch management, background run management, as well as powerful profile and component removal features.

First released from 2016, it was formerly known as Application Management Xposed, or X-APM for short, and later refactored to Thanox because the X-APM application architecture could not support continuous Android upgrades.

Thanox aims to serve as a cell phone manager for native Android systems, focusing on application control, application privacy. Priority is given to supporting the latest three major versions of Android (currently up to Android 12L).

  • It is not recommended to use Xiaobai
  • It is not recommended to use unstable Magisk and Xposed modules
  • Before updating you should take precautions for the case your device no longer starts.

Note: the app is not yet fully F/LOSS, see this issue. Hence the NonFreeDep anti-feature was applied.

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