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ClassyShark3xodus - Scan apps for warnings APK

2.0-34 Apache-2.0

Checks apk(s) for known trackers (provided by Exodus) +other warnings and specs.

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2.0-34 (34)
System, Security
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ClassyShark3xodus app

ClassyShark3xodus is System tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Checks apps for code signatures of known trackers (provided by Exodus). Also can list all classes for launchable (via the app drawer) packages.

Can be used against any APK:

* installed: via an app manager or built-in ApplicationInfos/PermissionInfos,

* downloaded: via any file manager (long press and open with ClassyShark3xodus),

* launchable installed: via the first screen list (long press to display dynamic manifest).

Note: doesn't work on odexed/system packages (it's a work-in-progress).

Finally, the app doesn't sync or connect to the Internet and thus cannot sneak on end users.

The app is updated when Exodus updates their list of trackers:

(Can display any *.xml file stored on the device.)

Other features:
- Selinux device & per app: appZygote + read_log + shareUser detection,
- dynamic & static androidManifest,
- full permissions device explorer (via Super#1),
- complete apk(s) device explorer (via additional icon)
- install & update Date per app,
- certificate & fileSum fingerprints details at each scan.

ClassyShark3xodus is based on Google's ClassyShark: (and apps_Packages Info:

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