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9.5.8 GPL-3.0-or-later

The third-party Telegram android app, formerly known as Nekogram X

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NekoX app

NekoX is an third-party Telegram client, based on Telegram-FOSS with features added. Formerly known as Nekogram X

- Most of Nekogram's features
- Unlimited login accounts
- OpenCC Chinese Convert
- Built-in VMess, Shadowsocks, SSR, Trojan-GFW proxies support
- Built-in public proxy list / Proxy subscription support
- Ipv6 MTProxy support
- Able to parse all proxy subscription format: SIP008, ssr, v2rayN, vmess1, shit ios app formats, clash config and more
- Proxies import and export, remarks, speed measurement, sorting, delete unusable nodes, etc
- Scan the QR code (any link, can add a proxy)
- The ( vmess / vmess1 / ss / ssr / trojan ) proxy link in the message can be clicked
- Allow auto-disabling proxy when VPN is enabled
- Proxy automatic switcher
- Add stickers without sticker pack
- Allow disabling vibration
- Allow clicking on links in self profile
- Sticker set list backup / restore / share
- Full InstantView translation support
- Translation support for selected text on input and in messages
- Delete all messages in group
- Dialog sorting is optional "Unread and can be prioritized for reminding" etc
- Allow to skip "regret within five seconds"
- Unblock all users support
- Login via QR code
- Scan and confirm the login QR code directly
- Allow clearing app data
- Option to not send comment first when forwarding
- Option to use nekox chat input menu: replace record button with a menu which contains an switch to control link preview (enabled by default)
- Option to disable link preview by default: to prevent the server from knowing that the link is shared through Telegram.
- Option to ignore Android-only content restrictions (except for the Play Store version).
- OpenKeychain client (sign / verify / decrypt / import)
- Google Cloud Translate / Yandex.Translate support
- Custom cache directory (supports external storage)
- Custom app ID and Hash (optional NekoX / Android / Android X or Manual input)
- Custom server (official, test DC)
- Keep the original file name when downloading files
- View the data center you belong to when you don't have an avatar
- Proxies, groups, channels, sticker packs are able to shared as QR codes
- Force English emoji keywords to be loaded
- Add "@Name" when long-pressing @user option
- Enhanced notification service, optional version without Google Services
- Don't alert "Proxy unavailable" for non-current account
- Option to block others from starting a secret chat with you
- Allow creation of group without invite
- Option to upgrade group to supergroup
- Mark dialogs as read using tab menu
- Improved session dialog
- Improved link long click menu
- Improved hide messages from blocked users feature
- Text replacer
- Persian calendar support
- Option to disable trending
- Telegram X style menu for unpinning messages
- Built-in Material Design themes / Telegram X style icons
- Enabled set auto delete timer option for private chats and private groups
- Don't process cleanup draft events after opening chat
- Support saving multiple selected messages to Saved Messages
- Support unpinning multiple selected messages
- View stats option for messages
- And more :)

Anti-Feature: Non-Free Network, since the servers run proprietary software.
The official source code of the app contains binary blobs, so this tracks a fork which builds those from source. Hence, versions might become available with a certain lag.

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