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1.1.2837 MIT

TIC-80 is a fantasy video game console

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Vadim Grigoruk (Nesbox)
Graphics, Multimedia
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TIC-80 app

TIC-80 is Graphics application that is open source under the MIT license. TIC-80 is a fantasy video game console for making,
playing, and sharing games on a limited platform
that mimics the 8-bit systems of the 1980s.
It has built-in code, sprite, map, music, and sound
effect editors, as well as a command line interface
that allow users to develop and edit games within
the console.

The games made in TIC-80 can be exported as virtual
game cartridges and bundled for different platforms.
It supports programming languages including JavaScript,
MoonScript, Lua, Ruby, Wren, Fennel, Squirrel and D.

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