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2.7.5 MIT

A simple and discrete daily reading application

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AELF app

AELF is Reading tool that is open source under the MIT license. The Word of God, nothing but the Word of God

* Find the entire Mass and liturgy of the hours from the liturgical translation. Mass, readings, lauds, third, sexte, none, vespers, complies.
* Meditate on speech, without distractions. Sober and unique full screen display, with no risk of going into standby.
* Do not look, there is no flourish, no distraction, just the Word.

Accessible, for everyone

* Use your phone, it is compatible. Without sacrificing the look. (Android 2.2+ to Android 5.1)
* Adjust the text size according to your preferences, depending on your screen.
* Let us guide you with "Talkback". The application is compatible.
* Read without suffering. The texts are formatted.

Anytime, anywhere

* Automatically synchronize texts to meditate on them even from a cave... or the countryside.
* Navigate through time, the date is adjustable at least one month in advance.

In a land of trust

* This application uses the Internet for only one thing: to load the texts of the Word. No data other than Android automatic error reports, whether personal or statistical, is transmitted by the application.
* Application proposed on a voluntary basis, without any publicity with the support of the Association épiscopale liturgique pour les pays francophones (
* Texts and logo reproduced with the kind permission of the AELF.

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