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2.0.0-beta3 GPL-3.0-only

control Android wakelocks with open source

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Jasper Hale
System, Xposed
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NoWakeLock app

NoWakeLock is System tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

With the update of Android version, doze mode is enough to suppress the power consumption of the background of the application, but some advanced users still hope to be able to control the wakelock by themselves.

Amplify is good enough to meet the needs of most people, but after Android N, Amplify stops updating. So NoWakeLock expects to achieve the same function as Amplify does on Android N and later.


is available for Android N and later. For previous versions of Android N, please use Amplify. Both these apps require root and Xposed.

Serious warning: 2.0-alpha data is not compatible with 1.x, you need to clear the application data before use, if you mind, please don’t use 2.x version for now, we will try to solve this problem later.

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