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Shake Alarm Clock for Android

4.2.1 AGPL-3.0-only

Dismiss the alarm by simply shaking your phone!

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4.2.1 (32)
Wrichik Basu
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Shake Alarm Clock app

Tired of pressing the power button/swiping the screen every time an alarm rings? No worries! With this app, you can simply shake your phone and dismiss the alarm.

Salient features:

  1. Works offline.
  2. No advertisements.
  3. Completely open-source app.
  4. Alarms are unique by alarm time. This means that you cannot have two alarms at the same time, even if they are on different dates.
  5. Each alarm is independent of other alarms. This means that the alarm volume, ringtone, etc. will not be carried over to another alarm unless you do so manually.
  6. Inbuilt dark theme, even in phones that do not support it.
  7. Snooze your alarm as many times as you want with custom snooze options.
  8. When updates are released, you will be notified within the app itself.
  9. The alarm is handled by a service which has almost no dependency on the UI. So, even if your UI freezes, the alarm will ring and can be dismissed.
  10. Uses latest Android Room database for storing alarms.
  11. Actively maintained app. Bug reports will be worked upon with high priority.

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