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Light weight app freezer without ROOT

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FreezeYou! app

FreezeYou! is System tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

  • Power save! No frequent charging! ⚡️

  • Speed up! No stiff animation! 💨

  • Keep silent! No unnecessary notification! 🔇

  • Disable (or enable) some terrible but useful apps to improve your device's speed and battery life.


  • Support NoRoot(DPM), Root(HIDE), Root(DISABLE), System App(DISABLE), System App(DISABLE_USER), System App(DISABLE_UNTIL_USED) mode

  • Support scheduled task

  • Support timed task

  • Support triggered task

  • Support delayed task

  • Support one key freeze

  • Support one key unfreeze

  • Support leave freeze

  • Support view by category

  • Support notification tiles for one key freeze, unfreeze and screen lock

  • Support auto freeze after screen locked

  • Support many kinds of shortcut for operation

  • Support many ways of freeze and unfreeze

  • Support change interface style

  • Support backup and restore

  • And more other functions!

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