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0.2 GPL-3.0-or-later

Experimental fork of F-Droid to use TLS ECH with Cloudflare as the default host

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DEfO ECH Apps app

This is a demo fork of F-Droid to serve as an example app built on the
development fork of Conscrypt which supports TLS Encrypted ClientHello
(ECH). ECH is the next version of the TLS protocol that encrypts
internet traffic and puts the "S" in HTTPS. It makes it possible to
encrypt all of the metadata that is possible to encrypt in the TLS
negogiation. It is a test case for interoperability between various
implementations, platforms, and networks.

The Encrypted ClientHello (ECH) mechanism (IETF draft spec) is a way to
plug a few privacy-holes that remain in the Transport Layer Security
(TLS) protocol that's used as the security layer for the web. OpenSSL
is a widely used library that provides an implementation of the TLS
protocol. The DEfO project is developing an implementation of ECH for
OpenSSL, and various clients and servers that use OpenSSL as a
demonstration and for interoperability testing.

DEfO was initially funded by the Open Technology Fund, and
subsequently by the National Democratic Initiative. Tolerant Networks
Ltd. and people from the Guardian Project are doing the work in DEfO.

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