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Turns off the WIFI based on scan result

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1.4 (4)
System, Internet
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WifiAutOff app

WifiAutOff is System application that is open source under the MIT license. Accidentally enabled WIFI eats battery. It also facilitates tracking. This
app helps to reduce this by turning off WIFI.

By default the app only listen to WIFI changes. You need to enable the app
(checkbox) to activate the turn off WIFI feature. If want to connect to a
new (not whitelisted) network, you need to disable the app, scan or connect
to whitelist the SSID/BSSID, then enable the app again. (Otherwise it would
just instantly turn off the WIFI.)

The app only cares whether the SSID/BSSID is among the WIFI scan results, so
connection errors does not turn off the WIFI.

The whitelist, currently connected networks, available networks are color
coded (red, green, and gray respectively).

A notification is shown if the app is enabled.

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