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We're here to track money going out of your checking account into different type

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Plutus is Money application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Plutus will help you to track all your investments in one place. We're not portfolio tracker, we won't show you daily ups and downs. We help you keep track of money moving out of your account into different types of investment.
  • This app is not a budget management tool, we're not here to manage your day to day spending. This application is here to track all the investment you make. So for example you have invested money in stocks, etfs, bonds, retirement fund, high yield savings account, Fixed deposits, gold bar in your locker or just some money in your savings account. This app will allow you to list all this investments and categorize it for you into different categories/sector of investment.

  • This application will allow you to record what type of application/service you used to invest your money (For example you use couple of brokers to manage your stock portfolio, this application will allow you to list through which website/app had you invested your money. So when you open this app, it should be easier for you to notice which app to check for particular investment) And best part is it will calculate the amount invested in each category and show you a graph showing percentage of investment done in all various categories. So consider this application as your one step way to see all the money that you invest in all the places.

    Ofcourse you can do all this using Microsoft Excel as well. But we're not competing with Excel. We're here to give you an alternative way to check your finances. If you prefer to use excel, use that. But make sure your excel file is password protected and with you at all times. Because this application has fingerprint authentication and is installed on your phone on all times. So you just need to take out your phone and will be able to check your investments. (I personally don't like using excel sheet and haven't seen any of my friends commit themselve to use excel sheet to manage their finances for long time. That's the reason I decided to create this application, and as there is an alternative with excel I decided to make it opensource and free. So if you don't like excel to manage your finances, you can jump on to this application.)

  • I've also created a widget for this application. So you can just glimpse over your total invested amount on the homescreen itself. Yeah it's not safe to show this amount on the homescreen but I developed this feature just in case, any of us need any push to continue their job/business. Seeing that total invested amount on the home screen can motivate you to just give that little extra. If you don't feel it's safe to show the amount there, don't use the widget. But I gave that option just in case anyone wants to use it. And you can even place this widget on the different homescreen. So unless you swipe to it, no body else will even know it's there.
  • Once you've added your investment data, you can share the data you inserted using Export data option in settings tab. You'll be able to share your data as an excel file.
Just to be clear, this application is not a portfolio tracker. There are plenty of applications that do that already. We're here to track money going out of your bank account into different type of investment. Consider it an easy way to check how much money you've invested over the years and where. Plutus doesn't use internet connection, so you can be sure that data you insert in this application is not shared with anyone (unless you share it from the settings menu). It's just for you to see. So you can be sure that we can't track your investment data, nor can we sell anything to anyone.

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