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4.2.2 GPL-3.0-only

An NFC app for reading, writing, analyzing, etc. MIFARE Classic RFID tags.

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MIFARE Classic Tool app

MIFARE Classic Tool is Connectivity tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. This is a low-level tool for reading, writing and analyzing MIFARE Classic RFID tags.
It is designed for users who have at least basic familiarity with the MIFARE Classic technology.
It provides several features to interact with (and only with) MIFARE Classic RFID-Tags.

  • Read MIFARE Classic tags

  • Save, edit and share the tag data you read

  • Write to MIFARE Classic tags (block-wise)

  • Clone MIFARE Classic tags

    (Write dump of a tag to another tag; write 'dump-wise')

  • Key management based on dictionary-attack

    (Write the keys you know in a file (dictionary).

    MCT will try to authenticate with these
    keys against all sectors
    and read as much as possible.)

  • Format a tag back to the factory/delivery state

  • Write the manufacturer block of special MIFARE Classic tags

  • Use external NFC readers like ACR 122U

  • Create, edit, save and share key files (dictionaries)

  • Decode & Encode MIFARE Classic Value Blocks

  • Decode & Encode MIFARE Classic Access Conditions

  • Display generic tag information

  • Display the tag data as highlighted hex

  • Display the tag data as 7-Bit US-ASCII

  • Display the MIFARE Classic Access Conditions as a table

  • Display MIFARE Classic Value Blocks as integer

  • Calcualate the BCC

  • Quick UID clone feature

  • Import/export/convert files

  • In-App (offline) help and information

  • It's open source ;)

More information can be found at the

It should work on most NFC-enabled devices but there are exceptions. Have a look at the
of devices which are known to be incompatible to MIFARE Classic

MIFAREĀ® is a registered trademark of NXP Semiconductors.

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