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Iceraven Browser is a web browser for Android, based on Mozilla's Fenix version of Firefox

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Iceraven Browser is a web browser for Android, based on Mozilla's Fenix version of Firefox, GeckoView and Mozilla Android Components.

Our goal is to be a close fork of the new Firefox for Android that seeks to provide users with more options, more opportunities to customize (including a broad extension library), and more information about the pages they visit and how their browsers are interacting with those pages.

Notable features include:

  • about:config support
  • The ability to attempt to install a much longer list of add-ons than Mozilla's Fenix version of Firefox accepts. Currently the browser queries this AMO collection Most of them will not work, because they depend on code that Mozilla is still working on writing in android-components, but you may attempt to install them. If you don't see an add-on you want, you can request it.
  • Option to suspend tabs to avoid being killed for memory (
  • Option not to display recently visited websites at HomePage
  • No warranties or guarantees of security or updates or even stability! Note that Iceraven Browser includes some unstable code written by Mozilla, with our own added modifications on top, all shipped with the stable version of GeckoView engine. Hence, the browser may contain bugs introduced upstream. Binaries are currently built automatically by our Github release automation. These binaries are signed with a debug key. When we finally publish this somewhere official like F-droid, we will sign the apks with a proper key suitable for public release. Due to the current way we create the releases and sign them, you may not want to rely on such "alpha" quality software as your primary web browser, as it will have bugs. So, use this browser only if you are comfortable with these limitations/potential risks.

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