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kDI Device Info system permission APK

2.12-24 GPL-3.0-or-later

androidSpec(s); GSF, Widevine L1/3, microG, Treble, A/B device infos (+otherIDs)

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2.12-24 (24)
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kDI Device Info system permission app

kDI Device Info system permission is System tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Re-branded KalturaDeviceInfo to provides GSF id (needed for Google uncertified devices) and checks about Widevine, Treble, a/b & media decoders (and all others possible device system definitions).

Basic json example, it shows how much any app, can silently retrieve devices characteristics, but also simply provides :
It collects some diagnostic information about an Android device and allows sharing it using a standard share Intent.

* testing any device sample, without Dev./Options unlocked, before purchasing (live or via email request to the seller)
* add-on for static passive reporting in AOSP roms (conversely to active stats)
* Treble advanced reviewing specifics
* all-in-one floss without internet leak

JSON report doesn't include any {action}->privateIDs ; feel free to Post everywhere
(*.json can be easily browsed/parsed with FirefoxPC)

- detection getprop for Treble & A/B seamless update + designation Soc & Kernel version
- ... SharedLibs, Features, SecurityProviders, /proc/meminfo, GLESversion +...
- Services & init_svc & {action}-> getprop
- New Treble checks (ro.vndk.version) & ScreenMetrics
- improve gps.conf & treble + matrix
-/vendor detection, mounts, camera & cameraAPi2... (and Matrix_bug)
- CameraAPi2 global specs
- Display HDR modes
- etc/gps.conf miss in "private" dialog-box
- microG spec(s) detection
- multi screens support
- all sensors with mA consumption

code https://bitbucket.org/oF2pks/kaltura-device-info-android/src/master/
prim-origin https://github.com/kaltura/kaltura-device-info-android

nota: works on JellyBean and up ; with Oreo, Android_id is discontinued, and Serial_id deprecated due to permission.

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