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apps_Packages Info - Updated ApplicationsInfos (² APK

1.7-19 Apache-2.0

Updated ApplicationsInfos with colors, mini-tags & Exodus (+ basic fixes)

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1.7-19 (19)
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apps_Packages Info is System tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Quickly show all possible android states for all installed packages:

SharedLibs & uid added

Persistent +Stopped +Inactive +Suspended state per app

debug or test possible flavour

sdk version (sorting option for Oreo/Pie)

READ_LOGS if granted

system app with locked data

dynamic & static androidManifest

ALL ApplicationInfos classic features

(full scan classes & trackers via intent/ClassyShark3xodus)

(android_Settings & fdroid_Client request shortcut via 2nd screen menu)

... for androidTV or AppCompat needs, switch to (Fdroid) 2 in 1: Chairlock = permissionsInfo + packagesInfo

With minimum of permissions, this lightweight (<150Ko) app also demonstrates all possible leaks that can be done by any installed app with INTERNET granted (and closed sources), in order to grab data for profiling.


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