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3.0.0 GPL-3.0-only

This app helps to monitor your websites periodically with notification.

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3.0.0 (9)
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Website Monitor app

Website Monitor is Internet application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Website monitor app helps to Monitor your Website periodically and notify if any problem in your site. Default monitor interval 1 hour once. You can modify the interval by using settings. App features: - Simple UI. - Dark mode UI. - No login required. - Get notified when site down. - Check website status according to chosen interval. - Pause/Resume Monitoring for a particular site. - Custom monitor option. Useful for continually checking website status every 1 second or 5 minutes. The Second/Minute interval can be manually assigned. - Tap a website entry to quickly refresh that particular one. - Ability to notify only on Server issue. If enabled, does not notify, if the app has no internet connection. - Drag to reorder the website entries.

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