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SimpleReminder is Time application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Something to remember crosses your mind and an alarm or a note is the best solution you know of? Then you haven't tried SimpleReminder yet! This app lets you set up a scheduled reminder in very few steps: 1. Click "Add Reminder" on your home screen or use the Quick Settings Tile 2. Enter a message and select a time (and date) 3. Click OK A notification with your message will pop up at the time selected! Features • Use the specific launcher icon or the Quick Settings tile (Android 7.0+) to directly reach the "Add Reminder" dialog • Easily add a reminder within the next 24 hours by using just a clock widget • Choose a custom date for a reminder with "+"/"-" buttons or in a calendar • When a reminder is due, a notification is shown (customizable via notification settings) • Clear breakdown on due, upcoming and past reminders • Reschedule or edit a reminder by clicking on the notification or its entry in the list • Nagging reminders: repeat notifications in a given interval until dismissed See the website for many more planned features!

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