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Note Calendar app

Note Calendar is Time tool that is open source under the MIT license.

Note Calendar is a customizable offline app which allows you to manage notes for each day and offers a way to quickly reach for each of them. App does not contain ads.

App possibilities:

Day tab presents selected day information and note assigned to that day. It also provides a straightforward way to add, edit and delete note.

Week tab holds a list of days to quickly move to other day of the week.

You can easily see which days contain note via month tab. If a number of the day of the mounth is surrounded by a ring, then it contains a note.

Application offers notifications which can be enabled to remind you of a note created on the next day at a given time. For example you can set notification time at time before your alarm clock time in order to wake up and read note about something important to do.

Settings tab includes:

  • Theming:
    • Setting custom theme which includes 10 modifiable colors
    • Setting light theme
    • Setting dark theme
    • Setting default theme based on system settings
  • Notes deletion
  • Notifications management:
    • Enabling or disabling
    • Setting notification time
  • Setting first day of week

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