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Aditya Gupta
System, Time
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TimesApp app

TimesApp is System application that is open source under the MIT license.

TimesApp helps you in managing the time you spend on your phone by setting time limits on applications.

TimesApp is the app you need if you ever find yourself:

  • Wasting too much time on social media/games/other apps when you have more important things to do
  • Endlessly scrolling your infinite social feeds
  • Hating yourself for procrastinating on important tasks but not able to exit apps and leave your phone aside to focus on your work
  • Wanting to check social feeds but don’t want to end up spending all your time on them.


  • Helps in Time Management
  • Simple and Minimal UI inspired by Material Design
  • Elegant in-app tutorials to help you get started
  • Preferences for default time limit duration etc.

How it Works:

  • TimesApp displays a list of all the apps on your phone. You can create home screen shortcuts for the apps you want to launch with a time limit. You can also launch apps from this list itself if you don’t want home screen shortcuts.
  • A time limit dialog pops up using which you set a time limit for the app and then the app is launched.
  • When the time limit is reached and your app is still being used (usage permission required), a dialog pops up notifying you of the same. From here you can either close the app or use the app for another 1 minute. If the app is not being used at the end of time limit, a notification is shown instead of a dialog (usage permission required).

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