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Sync photos fastly using USB capability

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Kei Nakazawa
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SyncMemories is Multimedia application that is open source under the MIT license. Got tired of spending time transferring GBs of photo files from your cameras to your phones/tablets via Wi-Fi? Try sync-memories to leverage your device’s USB capability.

* Direct transfer via USB
* Normally, 3-4 times FASTER than Wi-Fi
* Doesn't block device (phone/tablet) Wi-Fi
* Skip synched files
* Avoid redundant copying based on file size so corrupt (incomplete) files are re-transfered on the next sync
* RAW image files (.ARW) supported
* RAW files can be stored into separate directory so you can easily handle your backup preferences
* e.g. send JPEG to Google Photos and send JPEG+RAW to Amazon Prime Photos

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