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Transfer files between phones and laptops on same wifi

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Tanuj M.
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Snapdrop is Connectivity application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Snapdrop can be used to transfer files between phones and laptops on same wifi. The app is a wrapper around the snapdrop project using webview and some javascript interface for downloads.

Using Snapdrop is as easy as this:

  1. Open Snapdrop app (or visit
  2. Tap on a device name and select files to transfer.
  3. Make sure both devices are connected to same Wifi or hotspot.

NOTE: You can create hotspot on one phone, connect other devices to it and then transfer files using the app or the website.


  • Might not work with VPN enabled on your devices.
  • The app renames all the downloaded files to something starting with Snapdrop_. You'll find these files in your Downloads folder.
  • There are times when it just won't work and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Sorry. Please refresh, restart or try again later.

If the problem doesn't go away, report your issue.


This app and logo is based on the free and open source Snapdrop project by Robin Linus.


Developed by Tanuj. Free and open source. No login, no ads.


Features are chosen very carefully because complexity grows exponentially with each other feature. We focus very narrowly on a single use case: instant file transfer. Please don't be sad if we decline your feature request for the sake of simplicity. Thank you for understanding.


None of your files are ever sent to any server. Files go directly from one device to another and are encrypted by default.

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