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No-frills mood tracker that provides full control over your data

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Mini Moods is Sports & Health application that is open source under the MIT license.

Mini Moods is an ad-free, open-source, no-frills mood tracker that gives you full control over your data.


  • Minimal interface. Mini Moods provides a simple, clear and elegant user interface that makes entering and tracking your data super simple.
  • No Frills. Other apps often include accounts, mandatory internet connections, ads, event logging or daily descriptions whereas Mini Moods was created to simplify the process of mood tracking.
  • Monthly Tracking. All your historical moods are visible on a monthly basis within the app. You can select a single month at a time to view daily moods and trends.
  • Data Export. To view more than one month at a time, Mini Moods allows you to export your data in CSV format.
  • Widget. The Mini Mood widget allows you to view, modify or add today's mood from your desktop without the need to open an app.
  • Dark Mode. Native support for dark-mode built into all aspects of the app including widgets.
  • Open Source & Completely Ad-Free. In addition to giving you access to all your data through the CSV export, Mini Moods is open source and contains no ads. You can view the source and contribute here.

Mini Moods uses the INTERNET permission for crash reporting via Sentry.

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