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Noice: Natural calming noise for Android

2.5.7 GPL-3.0-only

Focus, meditate and relax with natural calming noise.

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Ashutosh Gangwar
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Noice is Sports & Health application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

For a lot of people, a little uniform background noise is helpful to remain calm and focused. In some cases, it also boosts productivity and lowers the effects of stress and anxiety. Background noise also masks tinnitus, calms agitated infants and improves reading and meditation experiences.

Noice is an app that allows you to create personalised sound environments. It enables you to combine different sounds at different volume levels to create perfect ambient atmospheres. These custom sound surroundings let you drown out distractions and allow you to concentrate. You can also use it to generate a serene, peaceful aura that encourages you to relax and fall asleep.

BENEFITS • Reduce your stress and anxiety using a personalised ambience • Relax and unwind in a pacifying environment of your choice • Boost your productivity by replacing distracting noise • Improve concentration by being in a consistent atmosphere • Aid your reading and meditation experience with natural soundscapes • Calm down your babies using relaxing sounds • Mask your tinnitus with easing noise • Block distractions to lay back and fall asleep • Start your days to the gentler sounds of nature with mindful alarms • Soothe your migraines and headaches

FREE FEATURES • Rich sound library • Google Cast or Chromecast enabled* • Auto sleep timer • Alarm Clock with up to 2 active alarms • Make and save your personalised mixes • Random mix generator to suit your every mood • Individual volume control for each sound • Play alongside a currently playing music player • Use Material You Dynamic colours on Android 12L or higher • No advertisements of any kind

PREMIUM FEATURES • Unlock additional audio clips in sounds • Real and natural sound variations generated on demand • Full offline playback • Ultra high-quality audio for streaming and downloading (up to 320 kbps) • Unlimited active alarms

SOUND LIBRARY • Life (birds, crickets, wolves, heartbeat, purring cat) • Weather (morning or dawn, night, rain, thunder) • Places (bonfire or campfire, coffee shop, library, office, seaside, riverbank, scuba diving) • Travel (train, in-flight, creaking ship, electric car) • Things (fan, wall clock, wind chimes) • Raw noise (white, pink, brownian)

APP PERMISSIONSview network connections: for sound streaming and downloading • full network access: for communicating with the Noice servers, sound streaming and downloading • run at startup: for ensuring that Alarms persist across device reboots • prevent device from sleeping: for keeping the device CPU awake to provide uninterrupted playback when the screen turns off • install shortcuts: for adding Preset Shortcuts to the home screen • run foreground service: for continuous playback when the app is in the background • display full-screen notifications on a locked device: for displaying the alert when an alarm fires • control vibration: for vibrating the device when a vibration-enabled alarm fires

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