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Loyalty Card Keychain for Android

0.28 GPL-3.0-or-later

Manages barcode-based store/loyalty cards on your phone

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Branden Archer
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Loyalty Card Keychain app

Loyalty Card Keychain is Money application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. NOTE: This app has been retired and won't receive future updates. However, it has a direct successor you are encouraged to switch to: Catima. The switch-over is easy and probably won't take you more than five minutes, simply export your data from Loyalty Card Keychain and import it into Catima. Manages barcode-based store/loyalty cards on your phone, removing the need to carry them around. Loyalty Card Keychain is a application which will store your barcode-based loyalty cards on your phone. The application is open source and tries to do one thing well: manage your cards! New cards can be added in a snap. Either use your camera to capture the barcode, or type in the number. When the barcode is loaded at the store and displayed it can be scanned with a modern barcode scanner. (Some stores use older barcode scanners, such as flatbed scanners, instead of image scanners. These cannot read the smartphone's display. Instead, request the clerk to type in the number manually).

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