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3.14.2 AGPL-3.0-only

lockscreen for people with perfect pitch

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3.14.2 (2)
Emanuele De Santis
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LockscreenEar app

LockscreenEar is System tool that is open source under the AGPL-3.0-only license.

LockscreenEar is a lockscreen for people with perfect pitch.

Although this app is supposed to be a lockscreen, it is also an excellent tool to improve your musical ear, in fact, in the training mode, once you set the number of notes to be guessed at the same time, you can listen the output as mutch as you want and you will also get the solution from the lowest note to the highest.

Warnings: If enabled, the main service undertakes, after the device wakes up (e.g after the keyguard is gone), to start the lockscreen offered by LockscreenEar. If during this activity any action is taken to bypass it, the screen will be locked again. Please do not start it if you do not have perfect pitch, you may not be able to unlock your screen in emergency situations, although there is a test to be passed in order to be able to start it.

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