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4.0.2 GPL-2.0-only

File Explorer, Apps & File Transfer

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4.0.2 (142)
Shiv Shambhu
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Leaf Explorer app

Leaf Explorer is System tool that is open source under the GPL-2.0-only license.

Leaf Explorer is an advanced file manager/explorer with many features.

Main Features:

  • File Manager
  • File Transfers (like SHAREit)
  • txt Editer
  • Music Player (with Notification and Popup player).
  • Image Viewer.
  • Recent File (in beta trial).
  • And many more.

File Sharing features:

  • Pause, resume and reconnect transfers
  • Share large files
  • Share all kinds of content, video, photo, music and app libraries
  • No Internet connection is required: Set up a hotspot and connect to it using a QR code
  • Share between multiple devices at the same time
  • Exchange texts of any kind and save them to Leaf Explorer
  • Share folders for backup and other purposes
  • Light UI: Works faster than its rivals on low-end devices
  • Speed
  • oriented: Minimal UI optimized for speed
  • Advanced features: Network change handling, choose network based on measured speed

Note: the code repository of this app has been archived on 2022-12-27, so future updates are rather unlikely.

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