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HIDFuzzer for Android

1.2.1 MIT

Allows you to script HID emulation tasks

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1.2.1 (101)
Gordon Guan
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HIDFuzzer is System application that is open source under the MIT license.

Android HID Script provides a simple Lua interface for emulating an HID device, on top of the existing android-keyboard-gadget patch by pelya.

Use at your own risk. For educational purposes only.

This app provides an easy way to script HID interactions intuitively, with feedback. In addition, it contains wrappers around the HID devices allowing developers to easily integrate HID functionality into their own apps.

Use Cases of Scripted HID Emulation

  • Automation of deployment solutions (eg. configuring computer BIOS settings in an automated fashion, changing the wallpaper, etc)
  • Mobile password managers that type in your credentials for you, on computers you do not trust

Root is required to use this app.

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