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1.6 Apache-2.0

Simple and Privacy-Friendly Flashlight App

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Crazy Marvin & Contributors
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Flashy app

Flashy is System tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Handy bright flashlight anytime and anywhere you need it.
Practical screen flashlight app using your phone or tablet screen-light or camera-flash.

🔦 Simple and handy

Power-saving multi-functional design.
Elegant user-friendly flashlight brightness in your pocket.
This screen torch light gives brings clarity and sets the mood at the press of a button.

☀️ Control and adjust brightness

Customize brightness and screen-color to suit your preferences with this minimalistic flashlight.
Rotate the brightness circle and adjust it as per your needs.
Setting it lower allows extended use without damaging your device.

🚫 Libre software and no ads

This mobile flashlight is privacy-friendly.
Perfect choice for users with a device that doesn’t have a camera or broken flashlight.
Your safety is guaranteed and it is ad-free, so you won’t be interrupted using it.

💡 Features

* Easy to use and privacy-friendly.
* No ads.
* Elegant and simple design.
* Uses your screen’s light or camera flash as a light-source.
* Control and customize the brightness.

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