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Fall Detector app

Fall Detector is System application that is open source under the MIT license.

In short: When a fall is detected the app will send an SMS to the configured emergency phone number.

  • Make sure to configure the emergency phone number for the app to call automatically when a fall is detected.
  • Calls from that number will be answered automatically.
  • An SMS from that number with the word POSITION in the content will be replied to automatically with the geographical position (if available).
  • If the SMS contains the word ALARM instead, it will play back an alarm sound.
  • The app will start automatically when the phone is turned on.
  • For optimal performance (to reduce the number of false alarms and the number of undetected falls) carry the device close to your waist (a trouser pocket, a belt clip, etc.).
  • Keep your device charged at all times.

Note: versionCode for this app seems never to be increased, so make sure to check for updates manually. If you have a way to contact the author, please let them know to fix it.

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