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Developer Widget - a toolset for Android Developer for Android

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Modern design, open source toolset for Android Developers

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Thomas Wirth
System, Development
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Developer Widget app

Developer Widget is System application that is open source under the MIT license.

Developer Widget is a lightweight Android app that offers a widget to show device data, manage installed apps and list locally stored APK files.

The app was built from a developer for developers. You may know the hassle of having multiple physical devices running different software. This app will help you keep track of important device information and allows you to organize your apps and local APK files. You will never again struggle to find APK files using a file browser or search for the app settings menu on a custom manufacturer UI.

The main feature of the app is an 4x1 (horizontally resizable) homescreen widget that shows dynamically fetched device data and allows you to browse your installed apps and local APK files.

Features include:

  • Homescreen widget with customizable device name
  • Browse all installed (non system) apps and filter them by package name
  • Manage local APK files
  • and more

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