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4.9.0 Apache-2.0

Home screen widgets displaying events from selected calendars and task lists

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Todo Agenda is Time application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Todo Agenda is home screen widgets for your Android device. It displays a list of calendar events and tasks so that you can easily have a glimpse at your due, current and upcoming appointments. Features: * No advertising. Free and Open Source. * Displays all events from your calendars and task lists. Optionally shows past events. * Automatically updates when you add/delete/modify an event. Or you may update the list instantly. * Select only the calendars you want to see in the widget. * Create several widgets, if you need. Each widget will have its own settings, including layouts, colors, filters and selected calendars. * Customize background colors and transparency of different widget parts, text's black and white shading. * Scroll through the list of events. Use "Go to Today" button to return to today instantly. * Customize the text size of the widget. * Fully resizable widget with alternative layouts. * Indicators for alerts and recurring events. * Lock time zone when travelling to different time zones. * Turn off Widget or Day headers, event icons, Days from today, etc. and see only what you need. * Android 7.0+ supported. Supports Android tablets. For the older devices please use Todo Agenda for Android 4 - 7.0 app.

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