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Beat Feet for Android

0.16.1 GPL-3.0-only

Jump through cities generated to the beat of the music.

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Beat Feet is Games application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Jump your way through cities, each automatically generated from the beat of the music. Hit too many buildings, and you will die. Successfully jump from roof to roof, and watch your score soar! Play through dozens of levels, or use your own MP3 files to generate custom worlds. No ads. No in-game purchases. Just great music and fun times. Each level consists of obstacles that correspond to the music playing in the background. Every time you play the same level, the size of the obstacles will be the same, but the world will have a different style. No two sessions will look the same. Any feedback is very welcome at GitHub. Please support further development at Liberapay.

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