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Music player optimized for speed and simplicity? - Indeed.

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Odyssey Music Player app

Odyssey Music Player is Multimedia application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. The main focus of this project is to create an music player that is optimized for speed (even with large music libraries).

* For support for this application please open an issue at our GitHub repository ( https://github.com/gateship-one/odyssey ) *

It's main features are a fast music library (artist, album, file browser).

* Responsive UI
* Album/Artists/Tracks library
* File browser
* Basic playlist management
* Bookmark support
* Homescreen widget
* Basic search functionality
* Colorful Material based themes
* Lockscreen control
* Simple Last.fm scrobbler support ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adam.aslfms )
* Artwork downloading for artist/album images (Fanart.tv, Last.fm & MusicBrainz)

This music player aims to be very fast and responsive even for large libraries (> 20.000 songs). To accomplish this we try to follow the Material design guidelines as close as possible with multiple colorful themes.

This music player works best with accurately taged music libraries. We recommend tagging using MusicBrainz Picard.

Cover images shown on screenshots used with permission from Carbon Based Lifeforms ( http://carbonbasedlifeforms.net )

This software is free software, licensed under the GPLv3 or later license. The source code is available on GitHub ( https://github.com/gateship-one/odyssey )

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