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2.63 GPL-3.0-only

Feature enhanced sibling of the "Unpopular Music Player"

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Andreas Kromke
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Opus 1 Music Player app

Opus 1 Music Player is Multimedia tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Instead of "Artists" and "Songs" in pop(ular) music, this program uses the metadata composer and grouping to organise the music in works (e.g. a symphony) consisting of movements (parts of this work).

Further, no text is truncated, i.e. long movement names or performer lists will take as much space on the screen as they need to be visible in full length.

This application might be seen as an advanced version of the Unpopular Music Player, with added music database query functionality and further enhancements.

The program can work together with the Classical Music Tagger and the Classical Music Scanner.


* Starts with album list and cover art.
* Nowhere text is truncated (with "..."), even the longest work and movement descriptions get the space they need.
* Composer and grouping (work, movements)
* Views: albums, composers, works, genres, performers, folders
* Filter for combinations of composer, genre etc.
* Text search
* Play lists
* "gapless" playback (as far as supported by Android)
* If configured, uses database built by Classical Music Scanner, otherwise the system database.
* Call Classical Music Tagger or Classical Music Scanner directly from app
* Meta data transferred via Bluetooth to car radio
* Six colour themes
* Scalable UI, also for tablets
* Portrait and landscape orientation
* Perfect gendering-ism, especially designed for useresses and users from German civil service.

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