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1.2 GPL-3.0-only

Automatic radio signal recognition, for amateur radio or shortwave listeners

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SignalID is Science & Education application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

There’s an incredible amount of radio signals. It’s impossible to know them all, let alone recognize them. So why not get help from SignalID?

At the moment, it recognizes about twenty signals (complete list in the application). With only 5 seconds of recording time, it tries to recognize the signal. To use it:

  • Set the frequency and bandwidth properly.
  • Selecting the frequency range. (0-30 MHz / Other)
  • Place the microphone of the telephone near the loudspeaker. (The quieter the environment is around, the fewer errors will occur)
  • Press the big button that dances.
  • Wait 5 seconds. (Time required for record)


  • The algorithm is based on frequency, a wrong tuning of your radio/SDR will result in an erroneous detection.
  • The recording is limited to 5 seconds, for practical reasons. Recognition of a signal may require several attempts.

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