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Scaleway Manager for Android

2.2.5 LGPL-3.0

A server manager

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2.2.5 (20205)
Matthias Prost
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Scaleway Manager app

Scaleway Manager is Connectivity application that is open source under the LGPL-3.0 license.

Scaleway Manager offers you the opportunity to save money by starting/stopping quickly your VPS hosted at Scaleway. It has never been easier to manage your servers on your phone.


  • See all available servers
  • Start/Stop/Delete your server in one click
  • See storage, image, instance type, public/private IP, etc...
  • Copy address ip of a server
  • See your account informations
  • View/Add/Delete a SSH Key
  • View/Delete an API Token
  • See all your billing

Don't hesitate to contact us trough the application if you have any problem :)

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