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2.7.3 (8)
Alexander Burdiss
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Scale Practice app

Scale Practice helps musicians practice their scales, by randomizing the order of scales and providing resources to learn about new scales. It contains three different functions:

  1. Random scale chosen from a list of scale types
  2. Random scale chosen from a list of user inputted scales
  3. Scale resources, including images of each scale and descriptions


  • Diverse Scale Selection (Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Major Modes, Melodic Minor Modes, Blues Scale, Pentatonic Scales, Octatonic Scales, Whole Tone Scales)
  • Arpeggio Practic
  • Resources to help you learn new scales
  • Random selection from user selected scales

This app does not listen to you practice, or provide you feedback in any way. It is only designed to give you a new order to practice your scales in.

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