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2.3.5 GPL-3.0-only

Digital Laser Pointer and Mouse Control for Presentations

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2.3.5 (20)
Connectivity, Office
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RemotePointer app

RemotePointer is Connectivity tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

With this app you can control your computer’s keyboard and mouse (using a touchpad). Furthermore, you can project a digital laser pointer dot on your screen or projector, which is controlled by the movement of your Android device.


  • control your computer from your couch
  • when your screen output is being recorded on presentations, the laser pointer can also be recorded
  • the digital laser pointer point is better visible in bright rooms
  • you can simultaneously flip the slides back and forth on your Android device and control the mouse
  • you can use the app as barcode/QR code scanner for your computer

Please download the free software for your PC (Linux, macOS and Windows) from here. You can find its source at Github.

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