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Dave Miller
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NWS Weather Alerts Widget app

NWS Weather Alerts Widget is Theming application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Android home screen widget to display current weather alerts from the US
National Weather Service.

You can choose a county or state within the US (or the entire US) and it will
display a list of all of the current weather alerts for that area on the widget.
If there's more than fits, the list scrolls, and you can tap on an alert to open
the full text of the alert. There is an accompanying app which can be used to
configure what area you want and shows the raw feed data if you're really
curious (though that part was mostly there for debugging, and might go away one
of these days now that it all works). It does not currently do audible alerts
(or any alerts), but that's probably coming soon.

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